RepViews Features

5-Star Reviews

Generate & Monitor Online Reviews

Our proprietary feedback funnel uses text messaging to get a 98% open rate and the highest conversion rate into 5-star online reviews for your business! You will get immediately notified via text message and email of all reviews good or bad. We also monitor all of the top review sites so you know exactly what people are saying about your business in real time. The data is easy to understand and serves as a valuable metric for your business.

Social Media Exposure

Share Top Reviews On Your Site & Social Media

Our software will automatically identify your best customer reviews and post those reviews on your website, your Google reviews, your Facebook timeline and your Twitter feed. Improve your SEO performance with review optimization and social sharing. These powerful customer based social shares are exactly what the major search engines are looking in local business search results.

Improve Service

Monitor Employee Performance

Our proprietary system allows you to assign feedback to a specific department or employee without customer knowledge, allowing unbiased evaluation of service strengths and weaknesses down to a department or employee level. Easily view the ratings and see how each employee’s ratings stack up when compared to their peers. This is valuable insight regarding exactly how each employee is performing based on recent customer feedback.

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Your Business is Unique, However The Challenges You Face are Not.

You want more customers and to increase your business revenue. But like many business owners today, you're probably a little overwhelmed by the speed in which marketing is changing. Today, marketing your business online is a must, and "word of mouth" advertising has never been more important. Online ratings and reviews are now the key to marketing success.

Many companies need to dramatically shift their marketing strategies to account for the rising power exerted on future customers by the opinions of existing customers.

Harvard Business Review

Google Takes Online Ratings and Reviews So Seriously That They Now Combine Online Reviews With Search Results.

It makes sense that a five star rating is more attractive than a four star rating, and that four stars are more attractive than three stars and so on, and this has a huge impact on your business, and more importantly your bottom line. Like you, smart business owners know they need fresh new positive customer feedback and reviews showing up on a regular basis, but how do you actually make that happen?

92% Of Consumers Will Choose A Local Business With 4 Stars
72% Of Consumers Will Choose A Local Business With 3 Stars
Only 27% Of Consumers Will Use A Local Business With 2 Stars
Only 13% Of Consumers Will Try A Local Business With 1 Star

That Means a Business With 4 Stars Will Generate 3.5 Times As Many New Customers As a Business With 2 Stars.

So businesses with a lower star rating are missing out on attracting new customers, and they're failing to build the trust that will lead to better sales conversions.

So How Can We Help?

We've Created An All-in-One Software Solution That Requires Little To No Technical Skills On Your Part.

The biggest hurdle most business owners we talk to is how to effectively balance the time they spend managing their brand and growing their reputation, while running day to day operations.

Reputation Dashboard

Our automated follow up and marketing system provides a simple yet powerful solution to generate customer feedback, and turn that into fresh positive reviews being posted online. You simply enter customers into the database. You can even assign feedback to specific departments or employees. The software sends an initial feedback email sequence inviting the customer to give feedback on their experience, and of course every part of the experience can be viewed from any mobile device.

The invitation link takes the customer to the online feedback form which requires a star rating, and in your dashboard you can determine which star rating threshold to use for positive and negative reviews. The default positive setting is set for 4 stars or greater. Which opens a professionally produced white label “thank you” video, inviting the customer to copy their feedback to review sites. You can add any rating or review site you want, or even rotate sites to spread reviews across the Web.

A “thank you” email follows up with your positive customers and invites them to place a review on the review sites you select. You can write your own e-mails of course, but our default set of feedback request, reminder and “thank you” e-mails come pre-configured within the software to get you started immediately.

What if The Feedback is Negative?

If the feedback rating is 3 stars or less, the customer is taken to a different page with a different video capturing a potential issue to resolve it internally. This time the message offers an apology, and asks for an opportunity to correct the mistakes. Instead of asking for a review, it asks for suggestions on how to correct the mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future. This time the message offers an apology, and asks for an opportunity to correct the mistakes. Instead of asking for a review, it asks for suggestions on how to correct the mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future.

Positive or Negative, As Soon As Your Feedback is Received You'll Instantly Receive an Email Showing You The Rating and The Full Report.

You can read the report on a web browser or an e-mail capable mobile device. You will also receive an SMS notification which can be extremely important for negative feedback, allowing you a chance to quickly respond. And you can easily add more contacts for management and staff so that feedback alerts are notified for action. Fast action to resolve an issue could soon become a positive review about a problem solved.

What if They Find Their Own Way to a Review Site and Leave a Negative Review Anyway?

With our system you'll stay on top of what's being said about your business.

From your dashboard you have an instant reputation snapshot which includes your most recent feedback and reviews, average online rating and your overall feedback rating. Connect your dashboard to top review sites like Yelp, Google and Citysearch to pull in reviews about your business. Everything is displayed inside your dashboard and you'll be alerted when the software finds new ratings or reviews.

Simply click to instantly see your reviews and ratings which means you can easily comment or respond. With our detailed reporting you'll always be aware of your online reputation. You can check feedback response rates, see feedback star percentages, and monitor trends and performance at a micro level by drilling down to specific employees or departments, see results over the past week, month or a specific date range.

Now For More Exciting News! RepViews Also Includes a Local Review Directory Site. It's an Additional Property Which You Control.

It's a stand alone page that contains your basic company information such as hours of operation and contact details, plus links to social media and external review sites. Plus, from your dashboard you can easily choose which comments and reviews you want to share on the site.

But Wait, There's More!

You can also embed our exclusive review widget on your main company site, which helps collect and display your choice of positive feedback to site visitors. The “leave a review” button will take your customer directly to your feedback input form. Remember, from your dashboard you control exactly which reviews and feedback are seen by your prospects.

How About Social Media? We've Got You Covered There Too.

Share positive reviews social media

Automatically share positive feedback and reviews with your followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google. You decide what feedback to share, how to share it and the maximum number of posts for each day.

Complete Reputation Contact Management.

Segmenting and contacting your customers has never been easier with our contact manager, an e-mail re-marketing system included in your service.

You now have the ability to contact customers based on the feedback they've left you. Search, manage and segment existing customers based on their ratings, personalize the default templates to suit your customer base with the email editor, import over a dozen possible merge fields and design a personalized message for your customers. Imagine you pull up a list of customers who left negative feedback and make an offer to come back and give you a second chance.

There's Still More!

Also included is a powerful listings manager that locates and verifies your business information across more than 55 online directories, review sites and social networks.

You'll start by entering a detailed profile complete with links, photos, a business logo, business description, hours and more. We'll populate your profile and lock in the information for you across the most imperative local directories. You'll manage your entire presence from one centralized location. So if you make any changes they're adjusted across all of the directory sites.

Setting up your account is simple thanks to an intuitive interface and detailed video tutorials. You'll be building your positive online reputation in next to no time. But if you need hands on help our friendly staff are standing by.

Case Study: The Success Enjoyed by Guardian Roofing.

When they started using the software they had just two reviews posted online.

Here's What Happened in Just Four Months:
  • 181 Customer Feedback Responses
  • 21 Negative Feedback Responses Caught
  • Increased Traffic To Website By 25 Percent
  • Started With 2 Google Reviews, Now Have 21 Five Star Reviews
  • Improved Google Search Engine Rankings - Now In The Top Five

You Cannot Afford To Wait.

When you activate your account now you'll get everything described. Plus there's even more as you'll discover in your dashboard.

In fact, there are more than 40 additional features which will make a huge difference to your business reputation. Some business owners are already paying $1,000 or more for people to manage their reputation online. It's still good value because of the huge impact that online social proof has for almost any business. But you can get better results while managing and monitoring your own reviews, ratings and feedback for a fraction of what others may be paying.

You'll Easily Cover Your Investment.

We wanted to keep this is affordable as possible for any business owner in any industry anywhere.

Building the online reputation your business deserves, providing a competitive advantage and leading to more sales; Reputation Management is critically important to your business and that means you should start today. For most businesses, the increased reviews and improved ratings are well worth it. But capturing the possible negative reviews before they appear online is priceless.

What Do You Want Your Prospects to See When They Find You Online?

Contact us to get started and be in control of what's being said about your business. We look forward to working with you.

Start Building, Managing & Marketing Your Business Reputation Today!

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